Incredible Reasons to Consider Medical Assistant Job as Your Next Career

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Medical assistants work closely with medical experts to provide complete healthcare assistance to patients in need. They perform both administrative and clinical tasks to help doctors focus on their core duties. The medical assistant job is gaining more spotlight in the booming healthcare industry. As a result, many aspiring health experts enter this career. Learn more about this job through this blog.

Why Medical Assistant Job is a Great Career Choice

1. Job outlook hits full stride

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) says, the employment of medical assistants (MA) is expected to grow by 23% from 2018 to 2028. This rate is much faster than the average for other jobs. This is due to the rising number of the aging baby boomer cohort.

2. Medical assistants run the office

MAs run the office by doing office duties and clinical tasks. From going to the waiting room to seeing the physician, they have control on how things work—especially in the in-patient flow. Even so, they can also work in ambulatory care facilities and give hands-on patient treatment like in other healthcare jobs.

3. Challenging yet fulfilling

If you want challenge, then this job got the right amount of brainteaser that you need. Since MAs manage the office, their daily duties require both clinical and administrative skills. For instance, front office tasks may include scheduling checkups or registering patients while back office tasks varies from phlebotomy to exam room preparation activities.

4. Medical assisting job is upgrading

Aside from new clinical practices, MAs should also adapt to the changing technology. Most offices today are using online registry to make their processes more efficient. Hence, MAs must know how to encode patient info in their Electronic Health Records (EHRs) software.

5. Pay increases due to high demand

The pay for medical assistant job has been increasing due to its high demand in the job market. The US BLS says, “median annual wage for medical assistants was $33,610 in May 2018”.

6. Certifications boosts hiring chances

Though it’s true that you can become an MA through on-the-job training, still the standard of MA certification exams is education. Studying to land this job doesn’t only provide you better qualifications. It also polishes your skills and prepares you to advance your career. Above all, attending training will help you improve your skills list and apply to more job posts.

7. Career paths are boundless

One of the many wonders of this career is that MAs can work with doctors in every kind of medical field. So, whether you’re interested in obstetrics or podiatry, you’re sure there’s always a medical assistant position in that particular field of practice.

8. Chance to expand knowledge through practice

Medical assistants work directly under medical doctors. Meaning, they can perform duties that their physician has trained them to do such as collecting blood, running ECGs, or taking out stitches.

Just like other careers, medical assistant job offers perks especially to the dedicated ones. Do you want to take advantage of this thriving job? Don’t miss out your chance! Hire our expert medical resume services now. Contact us to know more.

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