Ultimate Resume Writing Tips for Nurses

medical resume for a professional in the healthcare industry

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the supply of nurses entering the labor market has increased in the recent years. Hence, the competition is getting tougher and tougher despite the positive job outlook. Gain more edge among others through a topnotch nursing resume. Read some of the top nurse resume writing tips and land your target job, faster.

How to Write A Nursing Resume

1. Don’t put “References available upon request” at the bottom of your resume.

This tactic simply doesn’t work anymore as it makes your resume look outdated. If you have several references, you can have a separate page just for that; with highlights of the things they have to say about you.

2. Put your professional summary below your name.

Placing your professional summary directly after your name puts emphasis on your best feats and assets. It doesn’t matter if you write it in paragraph form or with bullet points as long as you highlight your achievements and skills.

3. Have professional contact details.

Using email addresses like [email protected] will make your resume look unprofessional. Create a proper email for business purposes and grow networks using that profile.

4. List your nursing experiences in reverse chronological order.

Include the dates of employment followed by the name of the health organizations and their respective locations. State your experiences in 3-4 sentences to save space.

5. Don’t fill it with industry-specific terms and initials.

Some people who will be reading your resume are not nurses and won’t easily understand medical jargons. When you need to mention an acronym, spell it out first so it’ll be clear to everyone reading your resume [i.e. Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU)].

6. Highlight your credentials.

You poured blood, sweat, and tears to earn your degree so why won’t you let your credentials shine in your nurse resume? Put your RN, MSN, or BSN titles after your name, front and center so recruiters will see it.

7. Never forget to write certification details and nursing licenses.

List your certifications, the related designations earned, the issuing body and its completion dates, and your license number and its expiration dates.

To complete our nurse resume writing tips, make the most of your application by hiring our medical resume writers. Their skills can help you be invited to a job interview. Contact us today!

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